Ludivine Sagna Bikini Hotness In Miami

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michael-garcia - July 23, 2016

Soccer WAG and all-around sexy person Ludivine Sagna could be seen in Miami yesterday in a scandalous bikini. She was there with her husband Bacary Sagna who is a big soccer star over in Europe. I'm an American and don't care for soccer so I have no idea who he is. But I have seen Ludivine before and her I'm a big fan of. She's got a set of knockers on her that would make the saints cry. The cleavage she's sporting is out of control. It is my job to know these things and I know that Ludivine's rack is something special. Whoever this Bacary guy is is very lucky to have snagged a wife like Ludivine. I guess being a pro soccer player in Europe is like being a rapper or an NBA star here. Whatever works.

I've really tried to like soccer but I just don't give a crap. But I do enjoy looking at all of the soccer player's hot model wives and girlfriends. That almost makes watching a game worth it...almost. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews