Lucy Watson Bends Over In A Black Bikini

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bill-swift - January 6, 2016

British TV personality and all around hottie Lucy Watson gave beachgoers an eyeful in a black bikini. Lucy is a newscaster back in England and it makes me jealous. Our newscasters DO NOT look like this. I'd wouldn't mind getting bad news from her. Lucy has some nice pert perkies that look amazing in the tiny bikini she is sporting. Then she bends over and the heavens open up and we see the face of God. Her booty cheeks are almost all out and it is an amazing sight. Though you don't see her hoo-ha or anything, just knowing that it is there makes me all warm and tingly inside. This is the view that whatever lucky bastard that's dating her gets to see. 

I wish I lived in England sometimes so I can see some of their sexy TV personalities. Maybe I just need to get BBC America?

Photo Credit: Splash