‘Love Island’ Bombshell Hayley Hughes Goes Wild In Majorca

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aldo-vallon - November 25, 2018

It appears to be that bikinis are evolving. Instead of relying on a mere single string to keep the two boob hammocks in place, Hayley Hughes’s bikini top has a second string to act as a reinforcement. I do not know if this was intended, but it also makes for a great frame to draw attention to her cleavage. I do not know where else a person would be looking, but it is nice to have. It is like seeing a classic work of art without a frame around it. The overall feeling is incomplete.

I am surprised this innovation did not come around sooner. Considering the exponential growth of women’s boobs over the generations, I would have thought this sort of advancement would be available a long time ago. I suspect swimsuit designers did not want to risk being seen as prudes by adding more things to a swimsuit when the previous trend was to always minimize.

Hell, creating a device that ensured there wouldn’t be nudity would almost guarantee they’d be arrested by the fashion police. I guess I understand why it took so long for an advancement like this to be made. We are finally tolerant enough as a society to accept the possibility of no nip-slips.




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA