Love Facebook? Hate Politics? Then You Need

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bill-swift - October 31, 2012

The elections are coming up, but you probably already knew that. Aside from the endless media coverage, I'm sure a lot of people in your social network are already ranting about who they think should win and what went wrong during the debate and so on and so forth online.

Tired of it all? Wish you could just shut them up somehow? Well, today must be your lucky day. There's no need to unfollow anyone or delete people from your account. All you need to do is switch to Google Chrome if you're not using it yet and get an extension called

The extension is basically from the same people who brought you But instead of replacing pictures of babies with cats, this extension replaces anything related to politics with--you guessed it--awesome pictures of adorable felines. Cats. I mean, what's not to like about them?

Even if you aren't a cat person, I think they're the lesser evil when pitted against politics. What say you?

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