Lourdes Leon Shredded Shorts For Booty Peeks

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bill-swift - April 13, 2017

Consider me a fan of the intentionally ripped jeans and jean shorts. Denim was meant to be ripped. Though that may be the precise opposite of why it was invented, on the right sextastic young lady, the tears in the buttockal region in particular can be quite the sneaky peep opportunity. 

Lourdes Leon continues her I'm Madonna's Daughter But My Body Will Make You Forget All About My Mom tour through Miami beach, this time with a nice view of her derriere as provided for by previously shredded Daisy Dukes. It's literally somebody's job to tear the jeans prior to sale. Go figure the wonderful world we live in. Lourdes, we're getting super close to magic time. There's no reason to follow in your mom's footsteps, though that time she was your age and was doing nude modeling wouldn't be a bad thing to emulate. I'm starting to fall in lust. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet