Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson Toned For Summer

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bill-swift - April 19, 2017

The blight of reality television on all sides of the pond has left our Western world bereft of social mores and educational intelligence. But on the positive side, hot girls. Lots and lots of hot girls. I'd call it a draw.

Louise Thompson rose to Old Country fame on the back of her Made in Chelsea reality show fame or infamy or simply reality show scripting. That would most definitely include her petite tight hot body. The very same one she's being showing off online under the guise of working out for summer. That whole seasons thing is a concept that is largely misunderstood in Los Angeles, but around the rest of the world apparently it's cold in winter and warm in summer so the ladies really hit the gym hard in spring to prepare their body for barely any clothing. Consider me onboard. Louise Thompson clearly is by looking at the results of her work.

There's no shame in showing off. Only in not showing off when you've got a showing off kind of body. I'm horrible at creating memorable quotes. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @louise.thompson / Instagram