Lottie Moss Little White Dress

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bill-swift - November 22, 2017

Give Kate Moss' little half-sister Lottie Moss credit for daring to bare legs and body in little white dress despite the climate around her. That climate being both the chilly temps and the mass of photographic humanity surrounding her every step. Lottie being one of the new pic faves of the press in Jolly Old England thanks to her lineage and her loveliest of looks.

Lottie's barely half the age of her more famous sister, but making waves for her party behavior and increasingly revealing modeling spreads. In short, she's fairly perfect. It doesn't hurt to start out the game with a famous name. As we've seen with other celebrity labeled models, where you go from there is simply a matter of self-promotion and baring skin, often and everywhere.

Lottie, you are a doll. Leave it to a British gal to go from innocent to naughty seamlessly. Not quite so easy for our American version celebrity models. I think I may be falling in lust all over again with a Moss sister. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News 

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