Looks Like Diane Sawyer Started the Celebrating a Little Early Last Night (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 8, 2012

It's certainly possible that Diane Sawyer was acting a little loopy on ABC's election coverage last night because she'd been up for so long reporting on all the updates. Just like it's certainly possible that my erratic behavior around the office today is because I've been up for awhile and not because I take my coffee with milk, sugar and ketamine. As you can see you in the video above, Sawyer clearly seems like she was hitting the sauce pretty hard while trying to get through the late-night broadcast before Obama finally came out to give his acceptance speech.

So was she drunk? Was she on pills? Was she huffing glue underneath the anchor desk when they cut away to the map graphic? Who knows. But I do know that on-air drunkeness is always a good time. And considering that 'Diane Sawyer drunk' was trending on twitter, maybe anchors should get drunk more often.

Here are some of the best on-air drunk antics.

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