LOLWHUT: Parking Armor is a Bumper for Your Bumper

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bill-swift - July 18, 2014

So the Parking Armor is a ridiculous concept, although you might actually need one if you suck at parking. It's basically a bumper for your bumper, so you don't mess your actual bumper up in the event that you accidentally (or accidentally-on-purpose) bump into something while you're backing  into a parking spot or your garage or something.

The Parking Armor is made from water-resistant rubber with steel-enforced straps to hold them in place securely. It also has foam pads on the back side so the entire thing doesn't slide during impact. It'll keep your bumper unscratched and unscathed through nasty bumps, but it probably won't do anything for your game.

Get It: $69.95

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