LOLWhut: Hilarious Job Screening Lie Detector Test (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 31, 2013

This clip is so funny that I almost pissed my pants laughing while watching it earlier. I did say almost. Because aside from being fuh-reaking hilarious, it also has a ring of truth to it. I mean, I'm sure every guy who's tried to get a job can relate.

Can you still remember what happened at your first job interview? I know I can. Most people begin the Countdown of Dread after getting the much-awaited callback. And by the Countdown of Dread, we mean the countdown to the job interview. Some people are great at bullsh'tting their way through the whole thing, while others put their foots in their mouths and humiliate themselves in front of a random bunch of people.

That's not the case at Dane's job interview though. Mike's tough on him, but everything's made even tougher with the introduction of an uber-high-tech (and fortunately for all of us, non-existent) lie detector machine that beeps every time someone tells a lie.

So not only are you caught right after you spew that ghastly bit of untruth, you're also humiliated in front of everyone who happens to be there. This happens a lot to Dane, Mike, and even Mike's co-worker Danny who just happens to pass by while the interview's under way.

Watch this clip through to the end--trust me, you won't regret it. Enjoy!

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