Lizzy Caplan Sheer Top Peeks

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bill-swift - April 29, 2016

Lizzy Caplan is the kind of things I'd do crazy things for. Crazy such as leafing through a women's fashion magazine to catch shots of Lizzy in sheer tops with fun little peeks. I'd sit through tons of haute couture nonsense for a glimpse of Lizzy boobtastic. Sure we've seen them bare before on premium cable, but there's something naughty about seeing her showing off in a style magazines for the ladies. And daddy really likes things naughty. That sounds weird. But so accurate.

Showing off in Lula Magazine, Lizzy reminds us that not every hottie is super obvious or stacked or blonde or bouncy. Some are that hot girl in college you spent four year wishing she were your girlfriend and secretly much hornier than she looked. Oh, my clarinetist in the marching band. How I longed for you. But then, I'm getting kind of personal. A few more buttons down please, Lizzy. And we can be friends forever. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Lula Magazine