Liz Cherkasova Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Bikini

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bill-swift - December 5, 2014

Blogger and sexy person Liz Cherkasova was strutting her stuff in a bikini at the beach in LA. She likes to write about clothes and fashion and whatnot and I must say that I appreciate the revealing ensemble she picked out. Firstly, I very much likey the top which shows off Liz's lovely cleavage. They are like the boobs Goldilocks would have ogled, not too big not too small, just right. She's also got one of those old timey looking bikini bottoms in a leopard print. I love a g-string as much as the next guy but I got to say that I do enjoy these types of bottoms. Maybe it's because of my own fantasy of living in the 1950's where in my head I'm much more of a badass than I am now.

Or maybe it's just that these badboys show off the curves of her booty in quite a nice way? I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm blogging about the clothes of a blogger who blogs about clothes. That's meta, y'all.