Lisa Snowdon Bikini Boobs, Because Some Bikini Boobs Just Deserve Attention

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bill-swift - February 3, 2011

In case you're not familiar, Lisa Snowdon is a model and dancer and hostess of the Next Top Model series across the pond in the U.K, and she... well, she has been pouncing about the sand and surf of Miami Beach the past few days in her various bikinis, with today finally being the breaking point for me, where my internal 'damn-o-meter' saw her bouncing funbags and said, 'damn'; time to introduce her to Egotastic! Now, I have no idea how talented this TV personality is, I'm not even sure what the designation TV personality means, but I suppose it's akin to me being an Art major in college, that is, not skilled enough to be an artist, not nearly smart enough to be Pre-Med. Enjoy.

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