Lisa Rinna and Daughter Delilah Hamlin Chest to Chest Decked Out for Gala

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bill-swift - December 16, 2016

I have to admit I've never been a bigly fan of Lisa Rinna through the years. Not my cup of tea, personally speaking. But this eighteen year old model daughter, literally and figuratively speaking, Delilah Hamlin, she is something else. She sparkles. And it's not just the glitter. She shines. And it's not just the eight pounds of shimmering emollients rubbed into her skin. She's something special.

Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin have been known more for their tawdry soap opera side of the business additions to the industry. Perhaps Delilah won't be blessed with thespianic skills. But she certainly got the looks. That and a name will get you more roles than a first in her class Shakespearean craftswoman. Such is life. So unfair to many, so very fair to us gentleman oglers. Delilah, chest to chest with mom's big bazoongas is sweet. But it's time to ditch mother and go chest to camera bare and all by yourself. Big step. I'll be there to hold your hand. Oops, sorry, I did think that was your hand. Enjoy.

Photo credit: AKM-GSI