Lisa Opie Indulgent Stretching Sextastic Yoga Time in the Park

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bill-swift - September 17, 2014

Where Lisa Opie and her hot little body travel, I will follow. Even to the park for a little yoga and exercising. I won't join in the hard work, but I will take on the hard job of leering at Lisa in her little booty shorts as she craps, dogs, and scorpions her way into many different alluring and enticing positions that make me jealous of any of her past, current, or future boyfriends.

I once dated a gymnast. And while she specifically declared it was gross to make any connection between the sport and making of the sexy time arrangements, I think we all know that didn't stop me one bit for asking her to use me like a pommel horse. Men can only get away with so much in this world, so you have to ask when you get the chance. Lisa Opie seems super duper limber. In the very least, she's going to need a stretching partner. I'm here for you Lisa, in my Fila track suit. Let's do this. Enjoy.