Lisa Opie Bikini Tight Bodied Perfection in Miami

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bill-swift - November 19, 2014

All that yoga isn't for naught. Beauty pageant winner and minxy hot beach bum Lisa Opie certainly is showing off the results of her daily hard workout routines, which by the way, we don't have to do and still get most of the benefits. Quite benevolent of this caring young woman who carries her iPhone in her bikini thong as God intended.

The competition for hot female forms on Miami Beach is the most intense I ever remember. The past year along has seen fifty world class beach bodied models and thespianics routinely cruising and preening upon its sands. It's not for the feint of heart or the not taut of body with perfect cans. I can't imagine the pressure of that competition, though I can imagine the girls fighting with pillows to determine the winner. In fact, I'm imagining that right now. Oh, yes, that's nice, girls. Enjoy.