Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures Bootylicious, Body Hot, and All Around Beachy Sweet

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bill-swift - May 29, 2014

Oh, how excited do I get when Lisa Opie hits the beach in one of her perfectly fitting bikinis? In case you cared about the actual answer, it's an immense quantity. The former beauty pageant queen and current model and Miami Beach sextastic bikini figure always manages to stroll and strut with utter perfection along the sandy shores of South Florida. Her booty, a constant reminder that someday I need to get a real job if I'm ever to be a carresser as opposed to an ogler.

Lisa Opie, I will make you a deal. you keep on flashing your thong uncovered booty, and I will keep salivating. Nature requires order to thrive. Let us thrive together in this eco-friendly manner. Enjoy.