Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures And Yoga Stretches on the Beach in Miami

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bill-swift - November 5, 2014

This new trend of hot bodied models performing yoga on the beach and parks is perhaps the greatest invention of the year. I don't suppose Time Magazine will recognize it as such, but Egotastic! is the official record of all things sextastic and seeing hotties like Lisa Opie doing downward facing dog on the sand in her tiny thong is making my chakra tingle.

I wouldn't advise these kinds of beach moves for everybody. In fact, I'm quite certain I couldn't attain half these poses even half the way. My elbow now cracks when I reach to fast for my next beer. But for bikini models with exquisite female forms, stretch and twist away, my dear. You're making the world a much healthier place, one exhausted gentleman ogler at a time. It's the season of giving! Enjoy.