Lisa Edelstein Bikini Pictures Bring Some Veteran TV Actress Flashes to the Italian Coast

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bill-swift - July 4, 2012

You probably know Lisa Edelstein as the doc on House, if you watch House, which you should, because it's pretty damn fine television viewing, but if you don't know her from there, you probably know her from looking like a half dozen moms you see at the grocery store who you wonder what they might look like nekkid in the dairy aisle. That's Lisa.

The 45-year old TV actress looked to be having some fun, and flashing some shapely bikini-clad funbags on her Italian vacation with some dude only described as a 'mystery man', which is paparazzi speak for, 'we have no idea who the eff that dude is'. I'd like to be a mystery man someday, and perhaps even explore the mysterious parts of Lisa Edelstein's mature female form, beginning with a little cave spelunking. Enjoy.