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bill-swift - March 24, 2006

Anyone else think Beast could use a wax? (Just Jared)

Just in case you needed a reminder, Pink isn't very attractive. (Hollywood Tuna)

Want to be totally freaked out? Check out this sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth on a bear-skin rug. (Pink is the Blog)

Charlie Sheen thinks 911 was some kind of big consiparcy thing. There goes his career, or what's left of it. (A Socialite's Life)

Paula Abdul was almost fired from American Idol. (IDLYITW)

Katie Holmes is still "pregnant." (DListed)

Michael Douglas is... um... whats the word... Scaring the crap out of me. (Popsugar)

Yup, Nicole Richie is still ridiculously skinny. (Hollywood Rag)

Cher's new boyfriend is into Goth. I guess that explains why he's dating Cher. (CityRag)

P. Diddy's womens wear fashion line didn't do so great. (Jossip)

Tom Cruise and Scientology are thanked for the murder of a woman at the hands of her schizophrenic son. (BlogNYC)

Does Kevin Costner like the happy endings? (CelebNewsWire)

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