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bill-swift - March 20, 2007

Kimberly Stewart tries to out-slut Paris Hilton. (DLIsted)

Avril Lavigne does Elle magazine. (Hollywood Tuna)

If Salma Hayek's breasts get any bigger, they'll have their own time zone. (PopSugar)

Jessica White: Badass bikini model. With a nice ass. (Double Viking)

You can call her a MILF, or a Yummy Mummy, but I call her Reese Witherspoon. (Pink is the New Blog)

Fergie has orange skin and pink lips. (IDLYITW)

Nicole Scherzinger is the only hot Pussycat Doll. (Popoholic)

Is Emma Watson leaving Harry Potter? (A Socialite's Life)

College girls, Spring Break and mud wrestling. How can you go wrong? (CollegeHumor)

Ashley Olsen loves her salad and coffee laxative. (Hollywood Rag)

Here's something I thought I'd never write: Queen Latifah swimsuit pictures. (MollyGood)

Naomi Campbell will be picking up trash. (Just Jared)

Beyonce sings Crazy in Love in Houston. (CityRag)

Video Bonus:

This has got to be one of the funniest "outtake" videos I've ever seen. Watch David O. Russell, director of I Heart Huckabees, lose his shit at Lily Tomlin on the set.

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