Lindsey Vonn And Her Fit Abs Working Out

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michael-garcia - July 18, 2016

Olympic skier and all around sexy person Lindsey Vonn did a hot workout at the beach in a sports bra and tiny shorts. Being that she's an Olympic athlete, Lindsey is in ridiculous shape. Pretty much as toned and fit as you can get. So, when we look at her bare mid-riff we are seeing the abs of a champion. Those things are impressive. You could probably use them to wash clothes like an old washboard, but why would you want to? That's why we have washing machines. Instead I'd like to gaze lovingly at how great her alpine peaks look in that sports bra. I imagine those things create drag when she's skiing down the slopes. Her legs were also a sight to behold in those tiny shorts. When she does the splits upside down on some rings, it's a special thing.

I love the Olympics, even the crappy winter ones that Lindsey competes in. Not only is it the ultimate show of human ability through sport, there is also a lot of seriously hot women in top physical shape getting sweaty. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews