Lindsey Vonn Barely Covered

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michael-garcia - October 4, 2016

Olympian and all around hottie Lindsey Vonn barely wore anything for a photoshoot for Strong is the new Beautiful. As one of the premiere athletes in the world, Lindsey is in redonkulous shape. From her incredibly muscular legs to her toned and tight abs, she's a peek specimen of perfection. I've often wondered if when she's skiing those jugs of her's create drag when she's going down hill? I don't know if they make her aerodynamic or not but I certainly appreciate them off the slopes. In a couple of the pics she's in a bikini bottom and you can really tell how muscular she is. Muscular, that is in a sexy way not in a She-Hulk way. But the best pic is the one where the only thing she's wearing is a set of ski poles. 

Which makes me think we should go back to the way the ancient Greeks did it and do the Olympics in the nude. These are the most in shape people on the planet, don't you want to see them naked? 


Photo Credit: "Strong Is The New Beautiful" Photoshoot

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