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aldo-vallon - August 25, 2017

 I distinctly remember being told in high school that it would be impossible for a woman in the real world to maintain the proportions of a Barbie Doll without suffering severe back problems. And I was content to believe that. I was fine living in a world and believing I would never come across a woman with the golden ratio. But then Lindsey Pelas has to come along and completely ruin my blissful ignorance. But was my high school teacher telling the truth? Maybe Lindsey defies the laws of nature. People thought it would be impossible to fly, once upon a time. But now look at us, having uncomfortable sex in airplane bathrooms for no other reason than because we can. Well, maybe I am not included among those numbers, but other people are and that is the point. So I guess the question I should be asking is if Lindsey does have debilitating spinal problems. From the looks of her activity my gut would say no. it would not be much of a surprise if she was though, a back can only take so much abuse.  


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