Lindsey Pelas Heavenly Hot Puppies at Babes in Toyland Party (EgotasticTV)

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bill-swift - April 9, 2016

We are rolling into our launch of EgotasticTV, an all social media video channel that will bring you, guess what, amazingly sextastic celebrities and models hanging out with us for the benefit of thine eyes. 

Our first test event was at the Babes in Toyland charity event with teamed up wicked hot models in Hollywood with a super worthy charity -- CareRescueLA -- which helps abandoned dogs find new homes. That's just amazing. Dogs being my second greatest passion in life.

At the event we met so many beautiful women pushing for animal niceness, but our favorite has to be Lindsey Pelas who brought her picture perfect XXL knockers out for the benefit of such a good cause. Check out the video and Tweet out to CareRescueLA. Enjoy