Lindsey Pelas Cleavy Black Dress

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michael-garcia - August 22, 2016

Buxom beauty Lindsey Pelas went out and about in town in a cleavtacular black dress. It is a fact of science and the universe that Lindsey has some of the biggest ta-tas in the business. While other women show a little cleavage and it's incredible, Lindsey's cleavage will make your eyes bug out like a cartoon wolf. I would love to nuzzle into those bad boys and go to sleep. They are a both gargantuan and somehow manage to stay perky. I don't know how the magic happens, and I frankly don't care. The dress was also short farther down below which gave us a nice view of her sexy legs. The truth is that Lindsey's entire body is unbelievable, it's just that her chichis get all the attention.

I wonder if she's had her melons insured? Those bad boys need at lest 2 million each. If something were to happen to them, it would really hurt her career. 


Photo Credit: Splash