Lindsay Lohan Turns 25; Reminds Us Why We First Fell in Lust

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bill-swift - July 5, 2011

To sum up Lindsay Lohan on her 25th birthday: Lindsay looked hot!

Yes, I prefer the ginger to the blonde, but there's no denying the quarter-century-old actress fresh off a brutal month of house arrest in her luxury beach condo stole the show at her own birthday party over the weekend, with her full Lohan melons outlined nicely under her white dress, her legs looking sharp as ever. While I must admit that I've had more than three dreams about Lindsay Lohan lesbionics in the prison showers, it's a pleasure to see the young veteran sextastic looking her best out and about among the free peoples. Let's remind ourselves that Lindsay Lohan isn't just popular for falling down drunk and accidentally flashing her inebriated underthings, underneath it all, she's one hell of a hot nekkid lady. Enjoy.