Lindsay Lohan Tight Red One Piece in Greece

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aldo-vallon - August 29, 2017

 It is times like these when I wish that The Parent Trap had not lied to us and there really were two Lindsay Lohans. I know that is not the type of thing most people would waste a wish on, but I am a simple man with simple tastes. But just think of the possibilities? If there were two Lindsays then it not only increases your chances of meeting her, but I think it would also increase her value. With a second Lindsay one of them could decide to be the party girl while the other stays professional. If the professional screws up then she can just blame it on the party girl. It would be the perfect crime, sort of, because no one would care enough to look to closely into it. Why would you? It is just those Lohan girls getting up to some mischief again. 

One of these days Hollywood is going to be held accountable for the disappoints they have brought on children. The Lohan twins might have been the first disappointment they gave me, but it surely was not the last. I am still not entirely sure I cannot dodge a bullet, I just have not figured out a good way to test  


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News