Lindsay Lohan to Paparazzi: “Fuck Off and Die”

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bill-swift - September 26, 2006

Lindsay Lohan is a classy girl. Probably the most well-mannered young lady in Hollywood. Oh, wait. I'm thinking of Not Lindsay Lohan. Sorry. Actually, Lindsay Lohan is quite definitely the opposite, and proved it the other night, as TMZ reports.

While being escorted out of the club by bodyguards covering her with sheets, an angry Lohan told photogs, "fuck off and die."

A rep for Lindsay says the starlet is simply tired of being constantly followed and that's why she lashed out against the photogs.

Now, Lindsay may be upset about her alleged break-up from Harry Morton, but there's no reason to be rude.

Rudeness is never the answer. Just ask Ms. Manners.