Lindsay Lohan Plunging Showoff Dress For Duran Duran

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bill-swift - April 13, 2016

Lindsay Lohan accomplished two major feats at the New York Duran Duran concert. One, she got her highly combative parents back together for an evening without anybody being arrested. Two, she made her first public appearance in a very long time and managed to get all ogling and camera eyes upon her mammarial splendors revealing in her very open front dress. The Reflex as it were.

Lindsay is apparently dating or engaged to some young rich guy which could put a smile on any girl's face, and even get her funbags braless and exposed out in the evening to show the world she's feeling fine. Lindsay holds some kind of unusual mystique in the hallowed halls of celebrity sextastic. The various rises and falls of her person and body. Let's not call this a comeback quite yet. Let's just leer at her sweet teats and imagine the possibilities. We can't stand to be hurt again. Maybe a funbag to the face, but no more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash