Lindsay Lohan is Creeping Me Out

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bill-swift - February 6, 2006

And here I thought Lindsay Lohan was actually getting better, staying off the drugs, and gaining back her weight, and her healthy figure. Boy was I wrong. I guess walking down the catwalk and being compared to fashion models must have gotten to her, because when she turns to profile, Lindsay Lohan pretty much disappears. Seriously she doesn't look attractive at all. And in some of these pictures she looks down-right scary, or at least coked-out.

There are a ton of Hi-res pictures of Lindsay Lohan after the jump, but these lower-res pictures really show how screwed up Lindsay looks. There is almost no expression on her face, and she looks lost, and well, drugged. She's really starting to scare me.

Also, the inset picture is of Lindsay Lohan's "breathe" tattoo on her wrist.