Lindsay Lohan is Going to Kill Paris Hilton

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bill-swift - November 16, 2006

Hollywood is a very incestuous place, but there are just some lines you don't cross, and Paris Hilton going after Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend, Harry Morton, is one of those lines. According to MSNBC, Lohan is livid over Hilton's recent maneuvers to get closer to Morton, which includes having Harry sleep over at her house. If Paris isn't careful, I'm pretty sure that Lindsay is going to kill her dead.

Lohan "hit the roof" after Morton slept over at Hilton's place on Nov. 7, according to Life & Style Weekly.

Lohan confronted her nemesis the next night at the L.A. club Teddy's, reports the mag, which quotes a friend as saying that although the two are not currently dating, "Lindsay still loves Harry, and this is devastating her."

Hilton is said to be smitten. "Harry is Paris's type of guy, says a source. "He's handsome and rich!"

But Lohan might be getting in a tizzy for nothing, according to a "pal" of Morton, who says he's not really into Paris.

Seriously, Paris Hilton better watch her back, because with all of Lindsay's driving "accidents," it won't be long before one of those accidents runs over Paris' head. Either that or we're gonna see a dancefloor brawl involving a coke-raging, broken champagne bottle-weilding lohan, and Paris Hilton's concave skull.

Actually, that would make for a really good episode of Law and Order...