Lindsay Lohan is Proactiv

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bill-swift - July 11, 2006

Okay, so we know that Lindsay Lohan has allegedly done loads of drugs, drinks while underage, dates older men, frequently, very frequently, and loves a good party. So you'd think it might have come out somewhere along the line that she used to have skin problems which were cured by Acne treatment, Proactive. But only now are we actually hearing anything about this in reports from E! Online. Only now, after she has signed a $2 Million deal to endorse the product.

Lohan's deal with the Guthy-Renker company, the producer of Proactiv's trademark infomercials, is reportedly worth about $2 million.

"My skin, thanks to Proactiv, is clear all the time," Lohan, whose supposed battle with bad skin is probably the only thing that the paparazzi have left her alone about, says in her on-camera testimonial about the line's effectiveness. "Proactiv heals acne, but the best thing is that it's super gentle, so it works every day like skin care. That's how I use it, and it works."

Lohan's two-minute skin saga will start airing this week on MTV, MTV2, E! and Style.

But in all the pictures of Lindsay Lohan that I've seen, and I've seen a lot, never was Acne an apparent problem. Sure, sometimes her skin looks really leathery, and cracked, but that's from the alleged cocaine and drug use. Plus partying until 5 am every night, can't help either. But Acne? No. So when Lindsay signs a deal worth $2 Million to reveal how Proactiv helped her so much, well, it seems to me that her imagination may be a bit proactive too.

I call bullshit.

You can investigate the state of Lindsay Lohan's skin for yourself in the rest of the pictures after the jump.

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