Lindsay Lohan Hides from the L.A. Po-Po by Partying Hard in N.Y.

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bill-swift - August 24, 2012

When news broke that Lindsay Lohan was wanted for questioning by the L.A. police in the case of some missing jewelry from a swank house where Lindsay had been partying the night before, well, Lindsay did what any good citizen would do -- she bought the first plane ticket she could to the Big Apple and skeedaddled out of town. Not exactly O.J., but a little lesson learned on the value of fleeing when it suits you best.

Now, unlike your more veteran felons, Lindsay didn't exactly lay low in the Big Apple, simply not her m.o. Nope, the former ginger heartthrob hit the clubs in Manhattan in bare-midriff fashion, liquored (or something) up, then seemed confounded when the paps actually wanted to take her picture. Say 'cheese' (or, you now, 'your honor, I'm innocent, I swear'). Enjoy.