Lindsay Lohan Flashing Her Big Boobtastic at N.Y. Fashion Week

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bill-swift - September 6, 2013

Somewhere in the world there's a Fashion Week going on every week it seems. Maybe there's a small break for the summer, but between all the big city capitals of fashion and locals for primarily ladies to spend tons of dough on clothes, there's going to be some geeked up promotional activity going on. It's New York's turn once again, with all the women of haute couture and high limit credit cards getting together to celebrate the latest bold and daring looks of clothing that looks pretty much the same as it always has to the untrained and far from caring eye of the likes of many of us.

Nevertheless, Fashion Week means females, and celebrity females, and showing off your fineries, or biggeries, as Lindsay Lohan was doing last night in what I'm sure is a designer gown by somebody expensive, and what I'm definitely sure was showing off the better part of her full sized mammaries. Lindsay definitely packed on a fuller body during her 90-day rehab stint, learning to eat once more off the drugs, and the result has been, among other changes, even more bodacious teats to flash the world. I think more women would willingly enter rehab if their slogan was 'Give us 90 days, we'll give you one cup size bigger'. Just a marketing thought. Enjoy.