Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures for Big Blue Recovery on the Brazilian Beach

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bill-swift - April 4, 2013

Sometimes I feel like Lindsay Lohan matches her bikini colors to her mood. Or, maybe she's just really hungover in the morning and grabs whatever she can find laying on the floor. I wouldn't blame her for doing the latter since that's my standard mode of dress each morning. But if it's the former, then why so blue, Lindsay?

Yes, your head is throbbing and your tongue tastes like cotton balls dried on the back of a desert tortoise beneath the baking hot sun. And, yes, you're headed to court ordered rehab shortly for a 90-day drying out that will likely include some serious bouts of D.T.'s. And, okay, yes, you're far too risky for any production company to ensure you in a TV show or movie any longer. And, finally, you have bruises on your leg indicating some type of rough recent encounters with various stationary or moving objects.

But, you've got the sun and the sand and the surf and that blue bikini and the world is still watching, so smile, smile, smile. Enjoy.