Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures Demand Some Virtual Hugs for Her Ginger Jugs

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bill-swift - August 14, 2012

C'mon, it's time to put aside petty complaints with Lindsay Lohan and her petty larceny beefs, and a few and sundry questionable lifestyle decisions and merely focus on her swelling and heaving chest puppies, barely contained in her bikini top this weekend at Malibu.

Every solid Egotastic! man has an extensive arsenal of imagination skills and it doesn't take much but a squint and a good turn of the libido-driven fantasy screws to imagine Lindsay and that blessedly large chest of hers in better days, the days when you would hurt yourself in many unseemly ways to such jiggly wiggly bikini top photos of Lindsay.

The flickering candle still burns. Enjoy.