Lindsay Lohan Bikini Jet-Skiing in Greece, Yeah, Why Not

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bill-swift - August 6, 2014

It might be surprising to consider, but Lindsay Lohan leads a rather charmed life. For all the well documented low points, she still manages to have herself quite the good time even with the public eye upon her. No shut in status here. Lindsay took to the Greek isles in her most recent Mediterranean summer vacation tour for a little jet-skiing time in her black bikini, which fit her much better than some of the other swimsuits she's been featuring of late.

There's no doubt Lindsay isn't going to win many fitness awards. I'm not sure she's on the strict Pilates and yoga extreme routines of many of her Hollywood peers. But with Lindsay, there's still always something there. The spark of the hottie ginger who once filled the libido with thoughts of lecherous bath time play. Meh, maybe I'm just a dreamer, a hoper, and a wisher, but if Lindsay can right herself, match my ten daily pushups of rigor, we might just someday get back our old Lindsay. Enjoy.