Lindsay Gets High Marks from Her Probation Judge; A Few More Hours in the Morgue Before Freedom

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bill-swift - February 23, 2012

Who would've ever imagined a real life judge talking nicely to Lindsay Lohan with terms such as 'good record' and 'great progress' and 'almost there'. Not words often heard from a member of the bench speaking to a troubled celebrity who often wakes up high and tweaking under benches.

But it turns out Lindsay has been the belle of the morgue, and with just a few more hours and another month of peeing clean, she could be free-Lindsay, with her future right and bright ahead of her. And with mom Dina stumbling at her side, and the guidance she'll clearly receive from dad Michael after his own legal matters and steroid addictions are cured, we can only imagine that future is super bright for LiLo.

Check out in-courtroom video of Lindsay Lohan before the judge from our friends at TMZ.