Lindsay found unconscious in her hotel room

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editor - June 16, 2012

Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her room at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey today, and either treated on the scene by paramedics or rushed to the hospital, depending on different reports.

What is clear is that her Elizabeth Taylor movie for Lifetime has been filming on a boat in the marina and was scheduled to shoot from 7pm last night until 9am this morning. Lohan was "taking a nap" in her room in the Ritz and when producers tried to get her back on set at around 10:15 this morning, she was unconscious. Her rep says it's exhaustion from working so hard.

The same girl who parties until dawn every night of her fucking life (like here and here for example) suddenly has "exhaustion" when her movie has an overnight shoot. And it's not as if she was actually working all night. The Ritz is the tall building in the center here. It's literally 15 feet from the boats. As any actor will tell you, most of their time on a set is spent waiting, and they sit around in their trailer or in this case their hotel room. So what really happened is that Lindsay was in her room all night and she got drunk or high or both.

Or who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Did the gaffer or grip or director of photography also collapse from exhaustion? Did any of the other actors almost die? Or was it only Lindsay? Was it only the girl in the headline picture, the one who has been found unconscious enough times where I actually have stock footage of it?

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