Lindsay Lohan Big Boobs Weekend Recap

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bill-swift - June 14, 2010

I'm not a big Lindsay Lohan fan. But, I'm definitely on board for Lindsay Lohan boobs. They may be all she has left, and, I suppose a large pair of celebrity titties is a bankable asset, like real estate, sort of an evergreen. This past weekend, Lindsay's ginger-melons got quite the workout, first packed into a white sports bra for a little kickboxing training. Then, Lindsay took her bodacious pets out for show in a low cut something-or-other while hitting the L.A. clubs. The hardest part to believe about this entire sequence is that Lindsay Lohan did something health-related. Still, none of my concern. Her boobs on the other hand, enjoy!

And, when the sun went down, Lindsay Lohan, supposedly completely sober:

Photo credits: / Splash News / GSi media