Lily-Rose Depp Tight Tank Top In Hollywood

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

Johnny Depp's hot daughter Lily-Rose Depp was spotted in Hollywood in a tight tank top. It just goes to show you that all you need to be sexy as hell is a low cut tank and shorts. Lily is very slender but she's got a nice little rack that is simply delightful. This is especially true when she is a little chilly, which appears to be the case in these pics. Lily-Rose is nippin' something serious. She's got a bra on but that isn't stopping her nips from making their presence known. She's been blowing up in the last year in her career as a model. Sure, it helps that your dad is a super famous actor. But she's a hottie with a body that can make it on her own merit. 

I love this time of year when the ladies hit the streets in skimpy tank tops and short dresses. It makes me think that maybe global warming isn't the worst thing in the world if it extends summer a little bit. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews