Lily-Rose Depp Hard Pokies In Extremely Short Crop Top

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brian-mcgee - January 28, 2019

Hachi machi! Every time I think I might not be into Lily-Rose Depp because of who her dad is or because I'm just generally not attracted to waifish types, she shows up in a top like this and makes me forget any of my biases against her.

I also have a big problem with women named after two different flowers, though I guess my beef is more with Johnny and Vanessa than it is with Lily-Rose. You can't hold anyone's name against them, they didn't pick it out. But still, you could just go by Lily. Or just by Rose. You don't have to be Lily-Rose, hyphenated, even if it is your full legal name.

Don't go by Rose though, that's such an old lady name. I know that there have been hot Roses throughout the years, but to me it still sounds like the little old lady who used to give me butterscotch candies anytime I carried her groceries for her.

So don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge Johnny Depp's daughter by her name, I guess is the lesson here. She does look fine as hell in this tiny blue top, though, that's undeniable. Her name could Smooshy-Pooshy Depp and I'd still look.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA