Lily-Rose Depp Bundles Up Against The Nippley Cold

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aldo-vallon - October 20, 2018

I do not care how much money it would cost the tax payers, I think the streets of every major city should be lined with the heaters that restaurants have on their patios. I know that might sound crazy, but I bet streetlights sounded crazy at first as well. Massive poles that keep every square inch of a street lighted all night, every night all in the name of safety? It is the stuff of science fiction.

But since we have those, why can’t we have the heaters as well? Safety should be taking a backseat to how we feel anyway, and at night we feel cold. I never want to see another poor girl like Lilly-Rose Depp having to use her arms to warm herself on the streets. If she needs to wrap her arms around her chest it had better be as a way to stop people from staring at it.

Think of the benefit a feature like this would have for society. Not only would the homeless stop dying of hypothermia during the winter, but we could be looking at girls wearing miniskirts all year round. Why can’t we live in that world?


Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA