Lily James Revealing For Perfume

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michael-garcia - August 24, 2016

English hottie Lily James wore an arm bra in this sexy ad for My Burberry perfume. We first fell in love, (or lust any way), with Lily when she was on Downton Abbey. Yes, I watched Downton Abbey. It was a good show. Regardless, Lily was prominently featured. Unfortunately, because it was during the uptight times she was always fully dressed. Luckily, now we get to see her in the covered topless form that she belongs. Lily has the slender frame and good-sized hooters that make for a successful acting career. That may not be fair, but it is the way of Hollywood. Who doesn't want to look at someone that looks like Lily as opposed to say Jim Belushi? We are attracted to beauty. 

These pics make me suddenly want to buy perfume. Nothing makes a man want to spend his hard-earned cash than a naked lady. 


Photo Credit: Burberry