Lily Donaldson Sheer Wet Peeks For Marfa Journal

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bill-swift - March 29, 2016

One of my resolutions in the new year was to make sure some of my favorite ladies of the modeling world get a little more exposure. On here, and hopefully in the course of their work. Lily Donaldson the British fashion and beauty model drives me absolutely insane with the hornies. I don't know if it's because she always looks like some version of the farmer's daughter in every single look, leaving me to be the stable boy often overlooked, but not my burly muscles by the farmer's daughter. All I need now are the burly muscles. And to grow up on a farm with Lily Donaldson. A couple steps away.

Lily posed down in too many clothes, but plenty of wet water sweaty impassioned looks for Marfa Journal. At some point she begins licking her arms and she's all oiled down and looking like she just got home from a rave and I just want to ravish her. Clothes are but a temporary obstacle for women as tall and slender hot as Lily Donaldson. I do own a pair of shears and a strong desire to see her fully naked and glistening atop any number of my Ikea furniture pieces. I do become a poet when I'm in lust. Lily, let's see how slippery we can make you. I have a body oil dispenser that never runs dry. It's like a Hanukkah miracle. Let's get holy. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Marfa Journal