Lily Collins Fit Midriff In Spandex

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michael-garcia - July 9, 2016

English sexy person Lilly Collins was seen walking the streets showing off her perfect bare-midriff in some tight Spandex. Her pants were so tight that you could see the outline and dimensions of her garden of Earthly delights. Not quite cameltoe but camletoe adjacent. She's also got some wicked awesome thigh gap, as our friends in Massachusetts might say. She's also got a little cleav going on with her perkies. But it is in the realm of her mid-riff that dreams are made. She's got a seriously tight stomach with a bit of a six pack. I understand how hard that is to get in general but especially in a woman. She must work out a lot...which I guess explains the Spandex.

I still find it hard to believe that she is Phil Collins' daughter. How did the guy from the 80's with a bald head/mullet combo produce someone so hot? Her mom must have had all the good genes. 


Photo Credit: AKM-GSI