Lily Aldridge Sextastic Amazing Peeks For Lui

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bill-swift - February 26, 2016

Lily Aldridge is a married woman for gosh sakes. Are you staring at her with a lust-filled heart? Okay, me too. I recognize the sanctity of marriage. I also recognize the higher calling of the sextastic. And when Lily gets down to showing off almost her entire amazing body in luscious bits of Lui magazine visual wonderments, what's a man to do but give in to his higher calling. I'll take the sins for all of us here.

The Victoria's Secret angel occasionally branches out into other bits of peekaboo goodness, including this naughty decked out girl on a chair thing that has me entirely jealous of her chair. Not to mention her hands. Oh, the happy times those paws must have during bath time. The chair sort of just takes what it can get, so I can relate to it better. Lily, you are some outstandingly fine bit of MILFy goodness. Your shiny like an apple, probably that one that leads men into temptation. I never cease to take a bite. Contemplation and planning is for the weak. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine