Lia Marie Johnson Growing Up Sextastic in the Afterglow

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bill-swift - January 28, 2015

Consider me a big fan ofLia Marie Johnson, the Internet modeling and acting and singing and whatever the crazy kids list these days on their resumes to gain traction. The barely legal teen YouTube and social media sensation has been doing more and more legit modeling, so when I hear she's in something called Afterglow Magazine, well, that name alone evokes so many lovely thoughts, I just had to check it out. And share.

Lia's not quite into the bathing suit portion of her media competition pageant, still in the G-rated territory, but there's so much potential here it's really quite almost off the charts. One good looking young woman with ambitions and a body to match the dreams. Hers, ours, everybody's. At some point, this is going to leap from good to great. This is why I can never sleep. I wouldn't miss a second of it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Afterglow Magazine