Lia Marie Johnson By Populace Barely Legal Demand from the People Magazine Awards

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bill-swift - December 23, 2014

YouTube and all-around Internet girl sensation Lia Marie Johnson turned eighteen I guess rather recently and many of you seemed to notice and seemed to want me to notice as well. I'm noticing. She is a looker alright, and not a tiny girl up top. I definitely see the potential for some tingly feelings. So, yes, I just had to share.

Barely legal Lia is now hitting up all the big parties in Hollywood. I think she's starting to get roles in legit films and shows as well now as her Internet type media sensation and social media followings. I'm so down with the millennials as to the importance of social influencers. I'd like to be one myself one day if it weren't for my bad day. Having blonde hair and a rack like young Lia probably helps the cause as well. Alack, my chances are close to nil. As for our chances of seeing Lia Marie Johnson in far less clothing soon? I'll need to consult my magic eight balls. They do delight in a good shaking. Enjoy.

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